Organic Carrot oil
50 ml

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Carrot macerate contains provitamin A which promotes the production of melanin. Thus, it is recommended before sun exposure to facilitate tanning and after-sun to improve the regeneration of the epidermis.

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Organic Carrot oil

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Huile végétale de carotte

Oil from France

Cosmebio and Ecocert certified


Macerate in sunflower oil

Packaged in France in our laboratory

Glass bottle and in a case to protect from light

Suitable for pregnant women

Low odor




Prepares the skin for tanning

Gives a “healthy glow” effect

Brightens the complexion of dull and tired skin

Antioxidant: prevents skin aging


Action on problem skin



Softens and nourishes the skin

Regenerates the epidermis

Prepares the skin for tanning

Evens out the tan

Due to its natural content of provitamin A or beta-carotene, oily carrot macerate is a unique treatment to prepare and comfort the skin before and after sun exposure. Applied before sun exposure, it facilitates tanning and thanks to its nourishing properties, it will also constitute a perfect after-sun. Finally, it restores radiance to dull and tired skin and helps to give a “healthy glow” complexion.

Also recommended for dry skin, carrot oil has an action on the suppleness of the epidermis by helping it to regenerate.

Its provitamin A content makes it an antioxidant treatment that fights against the effects of skin aging.

Carrot oil is also indicated to treat eczema and psoriasis. It can be applied on acne lesions but also on itching and cracking. Indeed, the healing and softening properties of this oil promote the regeneration of damaged tissues.


How to use it

In the morning and/or evening after removing make-up/cleansing your skin, gently massage a few drops of oil all over your face and/or your body.

Our tips

In summer, apply to face and body, before and after sun exposure to enhance your tan.

Mix a few drops of carrot oil with your day cream or body milk to give your skin a “healthy glow” effect.



* Ingredients from Organic Farming.

100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

99.8% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.

Ecological and organic cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard available at


Sorting instructions

Glass bottle in the glass bin - Case and pump in the sorting bin


How are pure oils stored?

Pure plant oils should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. You don’t need to put them in the fridge.

Our cases are also present to protect our oils and especially their properties, guaranteeing them a better and longer conservation.

How to know the optimal use-by date?

The DLUO (optimal use-by date) is present on the case as well as on the product label.

What’s a first cold-pressed oil?

A pure oil is obtained by the first cold pressing of carefully selected seeds, nuts, etc. Cold pressing is a mechanical extraction method that is carried out at low temperature, thus preserving all the properties and requiring no additives. This extraction method gives a pure and real oleaginous “fruit juice”.

What is the difference between an oil extracted by first cold pressing and an oily macerate?

Some plants cannot produce oil by first cold pressing extraction. We then speak of oily macerates: part of the fresh or dry plant (flowers, fruits, leaves, etc.) macerates for several weeks in a neutral vegetable oil such as sunflower oil. The preparation is then filtered and makes it possible to obtain a pure oil enriched with the active ingredients contained in the plant.

How to recognize a quality pure plant oil?

There are many qualities of pure oils. In order to guarantee impeccable quality, it is sufficient to check whether the oil is:

• Virgin: this means that the oil has not undergone any treatment before or after pressing, it is a pure oil which has simply been filtered to remove any impurities.

• Extracted by first cold pressing or oily macerate.

• Certified ORGANIC: certification by the Ecocert organization and labeling by Cosmébio and Cosmos guarantees that the plant from which the oil originates has been produced according to the principles of Organic Agriculture, and that it does not there is no phytosanitary product in it.

All our pure oils are subject to rigorous analyzes before being put on sale (visual, olfactory, tactile, chromatographic and pesticide) to provide you with oils of irreproachable quality.

Why can the colors/odors of the oils vary?

Our pure oils may present olfactory and/or visual variations from one batch to another. As our oils are  natural, pure and not modified, their color and smell vary according to the environmental factors during the harvest such as the climatic and geographical conditions (sunshine, humidity, exposure, altitude, nature of the soil, etc.). This does not modify their intrinsic properties in any way. These visual/olfactory variations from one batch to another are therefore the result of total naturalness and in no way harm our vegetable oils. All our pure plant oils are subject to rigorous analyzes before being put on sale (visual, olfactory, tactile, chromatographic and pesticide) to provide you with oils of irreproachable quality.

Can I ingest this vegetable oil?

Our vegetable oils are intended for cosmetic use only.

What is Tocopherol in the ingredient list?

Tocopherol is another name for vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. It is added to the oily macerates most sensitive to oxidation. Thus increasing their conservation.


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